Zhejiang has released its 14th FYP for the energy sector

The Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government recently issued the “14th Five-Year Plan” for energy development in Zhejiang Province including the following targets:

  • General: Strong emphasis on energy security and grid flexibility. Gas and coal storage capacity will be increased 55 % compared to 2020 to 120 million tons coal equivalent. Peak shaving capacity will be increased to more than 5 % of maximum peak load (124.3 GW). Demand side response will be increased from 3% to 5 % of peak load.
  • Coal: By 2025, the share of coal power in the province’s electricity power generation will be reduced to around 50 %. Coal power installed capacity will reach 53.7 GW with the addition of 6.32 GW of new coal power projects.
  • Gas: Gas is expected to play an important role in the province’s energy transition and energy security. The province will add 7 GW of new installed capacity to reach 19.56 GW of total gas power generation capacity and expects gas to represent more than 19 % of its electricity mix.
  • Renewables: Non fossil energy must represent 24 % of energy consumption compared to 18.3 % in 2020.Add at least 17 GW of combined offshore wind and solar and strive to reach 20 GW. Add 6.45 GW of distributed solar and 4.55 GW of offshore wind with at least three GW-scale offshore wind power bases.
  • Energy storage: Increase energy storage capacity (excluding pumped hydro) from 40 MW to more than 1 GW. Add 3.4 GW of new pumped hydro capacity.

(Zhejiang gov)

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