Three-Gorges Fujian Pingtan offshore wind turbine procurement bidding opened

The procurement for offshore wind turbines for a 100 MW project off the coast of Pingtan, Fujian Province, and developed by Three Gorges, was opened. The project is divided into 2 tenders (40MW, 60MW). Offshore wind turbines with a single unit capacity of 8MW and above are required and bid prices must include towers. The Pingtan Waihai Offshore Wind Farm Project is on the northeast side of Pingtan. The planned area of the site is 7.63 km2, the center is 35 km away from the coastline (the closest distance to Pingtan Island is 18 km) and the seabed is around 40 m deep. Three turbine manufacturers have bid so far, with the lowest bids reaching around 4500 CNY/kW for each tender.


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