Tencent to rely on the development of utility scale new energy power stations

Tencent recently published its ‘Carbon Neutrality Target and Roadmap Report’. The group plans to reach carbon neutrality by 2030 according to a principle of ‘Emissions reduction and green power first, emissions offsets second’. To accomplish this, it notably plans to count on the development of utility scale onshore and offshore solar and wind power stations.

(Wind Daily)

Azure comment:

In 2021 Nov., NDRC and three other key regulators jointly issued the Implementation Plan for the Green and Quality Development of IDC and 5G New Infrastructure (贯彻落实碳达峰碳中和目标要求 推动数据中心和5G等新型基础设施绿色高质量发展实施方案), which has underlined the importance of strengthening the integrated planning and design of IDCs and power grids, promoting renewable power supply for IDC, and supporting the IDC clusters to be equipped with renewable power stations.

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