Shandong clarifies grid connection rules for wind and solar projects: energy storage determining for grid connection

The Shandong Energy Bureau has recently released the ‘Guiding Opinions on Grid-connected Guarantee of Wind Power and solar Power Generation Projects in Shandong Province’. Grid connection priority for market-oriented projects will be decided according to energy storage capacity. Projects are then sequentially included in the annual development and construction capacity until the capacity limit is reached for that year.

Wind and solar projects are divided into guaranteed projects, market-oriented projects and on-site consumption projects:

  • Guaranteed projects mainly include household solar, industrial and commercial distributed solar projects, county-wide distributed solar, offshore wind power, offshore solar projects supported by relevant provincial policies, and others.
  • Market-oriented projects refer to onshore wind power and onshore centralized solar projects that deploy energy storage on a voluntary basis to obtain grid connection.
  • On-site consumption (e.g. renewable captive power plant) projects mainly include projects not connected to the public power grid, new energy self-provided power stations, power to gas (P2G) hydrogen production, seawater desalination, and other projects.

(Shandong GOV)

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