As a team of entrepreneurs active in Chinese clean energy markets for almost two decades, we have developed unparalleled networks combined with acute business instincts. Beyond standard independent consulting, we are in some cases open and motivated to take ‘skin in the game’ and help you secure and executes projects and partnerships in China. For such engagements we will rely on the combined skills of our research and engineering teams as well as the rich networks and excellent business development skills of our company directors.

We have successfully helped investors and technology providers secure projects and partnerships in the fields of onshore wind and PV, offshore wind, energy storage and building energy efficiency. Partnerships and projects that we have led are still running today,  deploying clean energy technologies and pumping electricity into the Chinese grid.

Market entry

Over the past decade Azure has helped a number of international companies establish presence and secure partners and projects in China via a complete set of services which we call “partnering” or “market entry”.

These services make use of our research and engineering teams combined with the business development skills and networks of our team of directors and advisors. We have developed a two phase set of services which applies to most situations, but the exact best-fit strategy, path to market and strategic partners will depend closely on your own business plan and offering. Contact us for a brainstorm on how we can together engage the Chinese market and its vast opportunities.

Project execution

Once you have established a strategy, secured partners and projects, and eventually setup your local team, our experts are available to continue supporting execution of your projects on a short term or long term basis, with provision of following services: