NDRC sets its 2025 targets for a ‘modern energy system’

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) recently released the ‘14th Five-Year Plan for a Modern Energy System’. The plan states the five main goals for China’s energy system by 2025:

  • Increase the energy system’s security. By 2025, the annual output of crude oil will recover and stabilize at 200 million tons, that of natural gas will surpass 230 billion cubic meters, and the total installed capacity of power generation will reach about 3 TW.
  • Continue increasing renewable energy penetration. By 2025, the share of non-fossil energy consumption will increase to about 20% and the share of non-fossil energy power generation capacity will reach about 39%.
  • Increase the flexibility of the energy system. By 2025, the proportion of flexible power supply will reach about 24%, and the response capacity of the power demand side will reach 3%-5% of the maximum electricity load.
  • Enhance innovation capabilities. During the 14th FYP period, the investment in energy research and development will be increased by more than 7% annually.
  • The general power and energy service level will continue to improve. The per capita annual domestic electricity consumption will reach about 1,000 kWh, and the coverage of the natural gas pipeline network will be further expanded.


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