Jiangsu sets 2.6 GW new energy storage capacity target by 2025

The Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission issued the implementation plan for the development of new energy storage in Jiangsu Province during the “14th Five-Year Plan”. According to the plan, by 2025, new energy storage will have entered the stage of large-scale development and the province’s new energy storage installed capacity will reach about 2.6GW. The plan also includes the following tasks:

  • Supply side: focus on “new energy + energy storage” mechanisms. Solar power projects can equip themselves with storage capacity or purchase such services on the market.
  • Demand side: make full use of the time-of-use electricity price policy and capacity electricity fee mechanism, actively cut peaks and fill valleys, encourage the aggregate utilization of new energy storage facilities, participate in the ancillary services market.
  • Grid side: Orderly development on the grid side. The key development direction of new energy storage on the grid side is grid emergency backup.

(Jiangsu DRC)

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