Inner Mongolia to control the development of coal mining during the 14th FYP

In its 14th FYP for energy, Inner Mongolia energy bureau has stated that it will control the development of coal. The bureau plans to forbid new coal mines on grasslands, optimize and enhance the coal production capacity of Ordos City, continue to eliminate outdated production capacity, and shut down coal mines below 600,000 tons/year. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the annual coal production output of the whole region will remain stable at 1.05 billion tons, similar to that of 2020.


Azure comment:

In contrast to the stagnant state of coal mining, renewable energy in IMAR (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) will represent more than 50% of the total power capacity of the region, amounting to over 135GW and reducing 200 million tons of CO2 emissions every year.

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