Henan strengthens tax and financial subsidy support for hydrogen energy industry

The Henan Development and Reform Commission (DRC) released the ‘Medium and long-term plan for the development of hydrogen energy industry in Henan Province (2022-2035)’. The document sets the following targets for 2025:

  • create more than 100 related enterprises in the industry chain,
  • the annual output value of the hydrogen energy industry will reach CNY 100 billion (USD 14 billion)
  • 5,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles of various types will be on the roads,
  • the hydrogen supply capacity for vehicles will reach 30,000 tons/year,
  • the terminal price of hydrogen will drop below 30 yuan/kg,
  • the proportion of green and low carbon hydrogen will continue to increase, and 3-5 green hydrogen demonstrations projects will be built.

(Henan DRC)

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