Hainan targets over 5 GW solar and 2GW wind installed capacity by 2025

The ‘Hainan province carbon peak implementation plan’ was released by Hainan government this week. The plan sets the following targets:

  • With already 1.4 GW of installed solar capacity, Hainan plans to add another 4 GW by 2025.
  • Total onshore and offshore wind power installed capacity will reach 2GW.
  • The proportion of non-fossil energy power generation installed capacity will reach 55%. By 2030, non-fossil energy resources will be fully developed and utilized, and the proportion of installed non-fossil power capacity will reach 75%.

Hainan also plans to establish a hydrogen value chain, from its production, storage, and transportation, to its applications, such as fuel cell vehicles and the usage of green hydrogen in industry.

(Hainan GOV)

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