Our team of engineers have rich experience in the Chinese renewable energy space and can address both short term engineering needs as well as support long term technological partnerships.

We have in particular developed a strong reputation for due diligence of onshore and offshore wind assets, covering all market and technical topics throughout project lifetime and guaranteeing a close review of all factors affecting project and investment performance.

For some specific technological and engineering topics such as floating offshore wind design or energy storage, we partner with specialized engineering firms in Europe and U.S and co-deliver top level technical services to our strategic clients and partners in China, thus making the best use of our presence in China, industry networks and engineering force.

Finally our procurement engineers can help you research, qualify and engage the Chinese supply chain, whether for standard components or for development of new products. Our strong engineering spirit will guarantee a seamless interface with suppliers as well rigorous quality control.

Our engineering services focus on three main services: due diligence, engineering, and supply chain.

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Due Diligence

Azure has fifteen years of experience in clean energy project Due Diligence, supporting corporate investment and M&A for single projects, portfolio or whole companies.  We pride ourselves on having the richest experience in due diligence of Chinese renewable energy projects compared to any other international consultancy. Our experience includes:

  • Classic Buyer DD or Third-Party DD
  • Vendor DD: Azure provided market and regulatory assessment services as part of the first renewable energy Vendor Due Diligence in China
  • “Bridge” DD: Azure has developed a unique set of services which we refer to as “Bridge” DD, consisting in providing supporting functions to investors which already have in house capacity to assess investment opportunities, but lack presence and know-how in China. Our experts can accompany your team in their mission to develop an evaluation of target projects, complementing on local market expertise and execution capability.

Our Due Diligences of clean energy projects are aimed at covering all the factors which influence your financial model, as well as identifying investment risks. We propose a two to three phase approach which allows spotting “red flags” early on and increasing level of depth and detail in correlation with decision making progress.  Key DD topics are discussed with clients in advance depending on project type and advancement, and typically include the following:

  • Liaison with local partner or SPV team
  • Collect, organize, translate, summarize, analyze project documents and data.
  • Permit review and gap analysis
  • Project specific regulatory analysis
  • Project technical feasibility analysis (site conditions, equipment, energy yield, design etc.)
  • Supply chain capability assessment
  • Contractual risk register and mitigation analysis
  • CAPEX and OPEX analysis and evaluation of potential deviations
  • Project timing analysis and potential deviations
  • Project specific curtailment risk analysis and forecast
  • Project specific subsidy delay risk analysis
  • Benchmarking against neighboring or similar projects
  • SCADA and O&M performance analysis (for projects in operation)
  • Q&A with target project teams
  • Financial modeling, scenario analysis
  • Summary of risks / red flag analysis
  • Reporting and workshop to discuss results with clients and / or targets


Over our fifteen years of experience in the Chinese clean energy market, we have had the opportunity to develop numerous strategic relationships with technology and engineering firms in the EU and US as well as with large industrial players in China. We have formed many consortiums and have in particular long term strategic partnerships enabling us to deliver top level engineering services in the following fields:

  • Floating offshore wind coupled load calculations, system design, EPC solution development and engineering
  • Fixed offshore wind load calculations, foundation design and engineering services
  • Wind resource assessment and wind turbine technology development support
  • Energy storage and green hydrogen solutions
  • Building energy efficiency technology and assessments

Supply chain

We pride ourselves in our reliable sourcing solutions. With us, you can be assured that your supply chain will be efficiently controlled and managed, with significant cost and time savings. We can help free up your management resources by being your partner on-the-ground, leading or supporting your procurement and supply chain efforts in China.

Thanks to our engineering capability, we can help you develop a low cost and reliable supply chain in China, even for prototyping new products and new technologies where we can help bridge complex engineering cooperation.

Establishing strategic relationships with large and reputable suppliers in China can also help to unlock other synergies, such as access to capital and access to the Chinese market.

At the same time, we can help you implement IP protection strategies to safeguard your technological advantage.

Azure offers a complete package for supply chain sourcing