Corporate Net Zero:  Beijing Power Exchange sold ~780,000 green electricity certificates (eq.780GWh) from September to November this year

Since the first launch of Green Power Trading in 2021, the total transaction volume in the State Grid territory reached 20.415TWh as of Nov.13, 2022, which accounts for roughly 2% of the wind and solar power produced in China over the same period. 5383 renewable power generation companies and 2749 power users have concluded transactions. On average, 7420MWh was bought by each green power purchaser.

At the same time, since September this year, all power participants in State Grid area can purchase Green Electricity Certificates (GEC) directly at the Beijing Power Exchange (BPX) platform. Over the past three months, BPX has sold almost 780,000 pc of GEC. If the current momentum continues, the BPX will out-perform the National GEC Trading Platform, who used to be the only official channel to buy GEC.

Depiction 1:  Number and source of GEC sold on the National GEC Trading Platform.  *the actual number of GECs sourced from the Green Power Trading projects will finally be larger than it appears here due to the administrative delay. The GEC sourced from unsubsidized projects refers to the GEC generated by unsubsidized projects and bought separately from the electricity. The GEC sourced from Green Power Trading projects refer to the GECs bundled with the green electricity and traded on the green power trading market (also from projects that are un-subsidized).   
Depiction 2: Beijing Power Exchange has sold around 800,000 of GEC over the past three months, accounting for over 20% of the total sold on the National GEC Trading Platform over the past 2 years. 

(GEC trading platform, NDRC)

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