China’s pumped hydro sector keeps its momentum as 43 projects make progress in the last 2 months

According to incomplete statistics from Polaris Network, 43 projects pumped hydro power stations, representing 50 GW in capacity, have made progress towards completion since September. This includes important steps including approval, start of construction, pre-feasibility study review, etc.

Distributed across 19 provinces, Gansu has been the most active. In the last 2 months, the province has launched the construction of 2 projects (total 2.8 GW), approved 2 projects (2.4 GW), and completed the feasibility study of another 2 (3.2 GW). Back in April, the NDRC and the NEA jointly issued a notice to ‘Accelerate the development and construction of pumped storage projects during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period’, aiming to speed up the approval of pumped storage projects in 2022.


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