Ancillary services costs will be included in Guangdong’s electricity price

Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission approved the “Implementation Plan for Guangdong Power Grid Enterprise Agency Power Purchase (Trial)”. The implementation plan separates the power price in three parts: the average on grid power price, an ancillary services fee, and another fee aimed at stabilizing prices for the agricultural sector and citizens. The ancillary services fee will include the costs of energy storage, pumped storage, and demand-side response. The related costs will be borne by all industrial and commercial users who directly participate in market transactions or who purchase electricity via grid companies which act on behalf of power users to participate in power trading. The cost of energy storage and pumped storage power plants will be determined according to the actual costs incurred by the grid company each month while the determination of the cost for demand response still needs to be clarified.

(Guangdong gov)

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