Who We Are?

Our Mission

Founded in 2003, Azure is a clean energy technology research, strategy, engineering, sourcing and business development firm based in Beijing. We have always strived to be a bridge between China and the rest of the world in the clean energy sector.

We have focused our efforts on wind, PV, energy storage and energy efficiency and have been successful. We know these sectors and its players better than anybody else.

A rich history in China

Azure International was created in 2003 by a group of Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs seeking to better connect China and the rest of the world in the clean energy sector. It has now grown into full fledged consultancy boasting an international team of clean energy experts.

Throughout the years, Azure has witnessed the extraordinary changes that have taken place in China’s energy sector, with its ups and downs. At each stage, Azure has been able to seize new opportunities and develop new capabilities.

Why choose us

Thanks to 20 years of experience in China, we have developed unique capabilities:


Hubert Beaumont


Hubert has joined Azure in 2006 and now serves as CEO of the company. Hubert is specialized in due diligence of renewable energy projects as well as cross-border technology transfer partnerships. His initial expertise lies in the field of wind resource analysis, including installation of wind monitoring equipment, wind data collection and technical feasibility studies.

During more than twelve years at Azure, Hubert has been working extensively with turbine manufacturers, part suppliers, project developers, local government officials, design institutes, grid companies, investors and local and international technical experts, and in the process has become very familiar with wind and solar project planning process, design and challenges. Hubert has led a large number of due diligence projects on wind and PV portfolios covering assessments of companies, wind and PV resources, project approvals, wind turbine technology, project financials, detailed curtailment modeling / forecasting and grid off-take risk analysis etc. As part of these activities, Hubert has conducted technical assessment of grid off-take / curtailment risk for a number of wind and PV farms in China, including detailed modeling of production per type of power plant, map of current and planned distribution networks, regional demand hourly patterns, grid company dispatch mechanisms, and hourly modeling to quantify and forecast curtailment moving forward. Hubert has also led a number of market entry projects, developing strategies to introduce new technologies in China, helping western technology providers to identify and secure best fit strategic go- to-market industrial partners, as well as managing these relationships and executing strategies moving forward. Hubert has graduated with a MS in Engineering from the French Ecole Centrale de Nantes. Based in Beijing for more than twelve years, his Chinese skills allow him to work and communicate in Chinese in every day work.

Juanli Han

Business Development Advisor

Juanli was a founding member of Azure International back in 2003. Juanli has sixteen years of management, entrepreneurial and consulting experience across industries in China and Europe, with the last eight years focused on sustainable energy and related sectors.

She assisted a number of MNCs with business and manufacturing start-up operations in China in the mid-90s. From 2001- 2003, Juanli founded & led a consultancy in the Netherlands advising Dutch SMEs on China market entry strategy. Besides providing guidance on project development, staff coaching, business development, and advising Azure’s key clients and partners on China strategy, Juanli is also responsible for leading the development of Azure Europe and is currently based in Germany.

She holds a BA from China and an MBA from the Netherlands.

Chris Raczkowski

Chairman of the Board, Founding Partner of Azure International

Chris was a founding member of Azure International back in 2003. Chris has twenty years of professional experience within both large multinational corporations and start-up companies in the US, China, Southeast Asia and Europe. 

Responsibilities have included R&D in the energy sector, manufacturing process engineering, quality & reliability assurance, operations management and trans-national project management in the US, Europe and Asia. He has planned, managed and completed the transfer of various manufacturing operations into China, Singapore and Indonesia.

Sebastian Meyer

Strategic Advisor

Sebastian has covered China’s wind industry since 2004, and has built up a successful research and advisory practice focused on the alternative energy space. Prior to coming to China, he worked in London specializing in due diligence supporting project finance and M&A transactions related to alternative energy.

He also worked in the transition economies of Europe through the 90’s heading the Warsaw equity research team and covering industrial manufacturing companies and privatization programs for Creditanstalt Investment Bank. Sebastian specializes in debt and equity financing, project finance, equity research and valuation, mergers & acquisitions, market intelligence and management consulting for alternative energy and transitioning economies.

He holds a Commerce & Business Administration degree from the University of British Columbia in Canada and Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

Sharon Feng

Director of Research and Advisory Services

Sharon is currently the director of Research and Advisory Services at Azure, specializing in China market research, policy interpretation and study, and project management.

With ~ 10 years working experience within MNCs (multinational companies) and organization in China and almost 10 years of experience dealing with Chinese governments and SOEs, Sharon has developed strong and deep knowledge of Chinese business culture, government thinking, and a rich network within the Chinese power markets.

Overseas living experience. Native Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese speaker, fluent in English and basic communication in French.

Zhang Ziguang

Director of Engineering

Zhang Ziguang has more than ten years of experience in the Chinese onshore and offshore wind industry, working with market leading international and local companies.

Starting as a mechanical engineer at NORDEX, Ziguang then became procurement engineer, project manager and Director of Engineering at Azure International.

Ziguang specializes in cross-border projects in the wind sector, acting as a lead coordinator between western and Chinese engineering teams, identifying communication bottlenecks and keeping schedules on track despite language, culture and time zone differences. Having worked on a large number of technology as well as due diligence projects, Ziguang has become an expert in the development and engineering of wind farms as well as manufacturing of wind turbines in China.

Ziguang is fluent in English (working language) and Chinese (mother tongue).

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