300 MW Guangdong Zhanjiang Xuwen Offshore Wind Farm was approved by the Guangdong DRC

Last week, the Guangdong Xuwen County Development and Reform Commission approved the 300MW capacity expansion project of Guangdong Zhanjiang Xuwen Offshore Wind Farm to be developed by State Power Investment Corporation. The project represents a CNY 3.76 billion (USD 560 million investment), or 12500 CNY/kW (1870 USD/kW).

The construction site is in the sea east of Baimao Village, Jinhe Town, Xuwen County, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province. The construction will take place from December 2022 to June mid-2024. This project is a key construction project of Guangdong Province in 2022.

(Offshore wind observer)

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