14 provinces or cities in China to implement peak to valley electricity price differences superior to 0.7 CNY / kWh

The State Grids and China Southern Power Grids of 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities announced the electricity tariffs for industrial and commercial users in December 2021. According to the statistics, 14 provinces and cities have a peak to valley electricity price difference that exceeds 0.7 yuan/kWh. The highest price differences are in Guangdong province, where they reach up to 1.25 CNY / kWh in pearl river delta cities. At present, user-side energy storage mainly generates income through the arbitrage of the peak-to-valley electricity price difference. This means that if the peak to valley price difference is higher than the levelized cost of using storage (LCUS), energy storage projects can be profitable. Depending on the utilisation hours and size of a project, energy storage project LCUS in China can be well below 1 CNY / kWh, making such projects profitable in a number of areas.


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