Zhangjiakou promotes development of hydrogen energy industry

Zhangjiakou promotes development of hydrogen energy industry


Zhangjiakou, a city in Northern China’s coastal province Hebei, has just announced strengthened efforts to help promote the development of the hydrogen energy industry.

Reliant on the superior renewable energy resources of neighboring cities Beijing and Tianjin, Zhangjiakou has in fact become quite rich in renewable energy, and its hydrogen energy industry has undergone a strong development momentum with great improvements in levels of technological innovation and achievements.

The scale of hydrogen fuel cell bus deployment in Zhangjiakou is unprecedented in the country. However, the application and consumption of these buses are only part of the complete hydrogen energy industrial chain, which integrates production, manufacturing, R&D, storage and transportation.

Following the "Three-Year Action Plan for Hydrogen Energy Construction in Zhangjiakou (2019-2021)", the city has increased its investment attraction by focusing on the advancement of R&D and manufacturing enterprises such as hydrogen storage and transportation equipment, hydrogen fuel cell systems and core components of vehicles. By intensifying the innovation of hydrogen energy products, core components and manufacturing equipment, the city hopes to achieve large-scale domestic production. (NEA)