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azure1News Summary: 

  • Fujian GOV issues list of offshore wind farms
  • China's largest grid connected ESS project comes on line
  • Large fire at South Korean energy storage power station
  • Japan builds first PV power plant from recycled PV modules
  • NDRC promotes participation of renewable energy projects in power trading programs

Fujian GOV issues list of offshore wind farms
Fujian GOV released a plan requiring the different government offices across the province to fully support implementation of 228 major projects, including 130 under construction and 98 in development, in order to accelerate the growth of the "marine economy" in the province.
(Fujian GOV)

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We have extracted offshore wind projects out of the document as well as summarized key information in the tables below. The list includes 9 offshore wind farms with cumulative capacity of 2.7GW and average CAPEX of 20,800 CNY/kW.
China's largest grid connected ESS project comes on line
The 20MW/160MWh intelligent energy storage power station of the Feida Group invested by Nandu Power (300068) was successfully connected to the grid. The power station is a key project of the State Grid Jiangsu summer peak shaving plan. The project has an annual energy storage capacity of about 53 million kWh. (ntdaily)

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According to the State Grid Jiangsu Power Forecast, peak summer consumption in Jiangsu has reached 112 million kW in 2018, an increase of 10% since last year. Now that the Chinese economy is transiting from a secondary to a tertiary economy, while the total consumption growth is predicted to slow down, we can actually expect the growth of peak consumption to accelerate, which drives up the requirements for the scale of the whole energy production and transmission infrastructure but drives the utilization hours down. Energy storage peak shaving projects are one of the solutions to increase the efficiency of the whole system.
Large fire at South Korean energy storage power station
A fire broke out at the energy storage project connected to the Lingyan Wind Power Plant, causing the 706m2 scale battery building and more than 3,500 Li-Ion batteries to burn. The grid scale energy storage project with a capacity of 12MWh was installed in 2015. (Sohu)

azurenews20180723 04

This news item was found by Azure on several news platform in Chinese language, but has not been reported anywhere else to Azure's knowledge. Azure is investigating the accuracy of this news item, and in the meantime does not guarantee its validity. Fire hazards with Lithium Ion battery is a well know issue and a key concern in the sector, as well as a drive for development of alternative battery technologies.
Japan builds first PV power plant from recycled PV modules
Japan's NextEnergy&Resources builds a PV power plant using recycled PV panels. The project has an installed capacity of 280.78KW and features five different panel technologies including monocrystalline, polycrystalline, CIS thin film etc. (BJX)
By the end of 2017, China had a total PV capacity of more than 130GW Including 50GW newly installed during 2017. At this pace, recycling PV material should soon become an important topic in the industry.
NDRC promotes participation of renewable energy projects in power trading programs
According to the new policy, direct power trading mechanisms are now open to medium size end-users which connect to the grid at 10kV or above (versus 35kV in previous versions of the policy) and sources of clean energy such as wind, solar, hydro and nulcear are encouraged to trade directly with large industrials such as coal, steel, nonferrous metals,  cement and glass producers. (NDRC)
As Azure had forecasted a few years back, while the direct power trading mechanisms introduced over the past years were intially expected to have a positive impact in helping integrate clean energy, in reality it is more likely that lage coal power plants with stable and controllable production sign up with large industrial producers with flat and predictable consumption. The policy confirms that more work is needed to help clean energy sources be competitive in a deregulated market. 


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