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News Summary:

  • NEA Publishes Power Generation Utilization Hours for First Three Quarters of 2016  
  • Renewable Power Generation on the Northwest Grid Surpasses 70 TWh
  • Goldwind to Supply 82 MW Wind Farm in Chile

Statistics: Utilization Hours for First Three Quarters of 2016 Published by the NEA 

  • The NEA recently published data on the average utilization hours for all power plants over 6,000 KW. During the first three quarters of 2016 average utilization hours declined to 2,818 hrs, which makes for a decrease of 179hrs when compared to the same time frame in 2015. The key findings as broken down by sector:
  • Total Hydro installed capacity: 280 GW; Utilization hours: 2,766 hrs; an increase of 127 hrs
  • Total Thermal installed capacity: 1,030 GW; Utilization hours: 3,071 hrs; a decrease of 213 hrs
  • Total Wind installed capacity: 140 GW; Utilization hours: 1,251 hrs; a decrease of 66 hrs

National Utilization Hours for First Three Quarters of 2016

(Source: Azure International)

The top two provinces for wind utilization hours are southwestern provinces, with Yunnan at 1,712 hrs and Sichuan at 1,643 hrs. In the same time, Gansu, Xinjiang and Jilin utilization hours remain low, at 870, 946, 951, respectively. With regards to thermal generation, an average of 3,071 hrs is the lowest level since 2005. (NEA CN)

Generation: Renewable Power Generation on the Northwest Grid Surpasses 70 TWh
On November 20th, 2016, total renewable generation since 2009 on the Northwest (Xibei) power grid surpassed a total of 70 TWh. Currently, the northwest grid is home to a large portion of China's renewable energy installations. Total renewable installed capacity for the northwest grid is 69GW (which includes 40.27 GW of wind, 28.73 GW of solar). Total power generation from renewables on the northeast grid reached 70.9TWh (including 45.2 TWh from wind, and 25.6 TWh from solar) (CPNN CN)

Map of China's Power Grid


(Source: Azure International)

From 2009 to the present, renewable energy generation has provided 11.34% of Xibei's total power consumption, however the region is also home to some of the highest wind and solar curtailment rates in China. As covered in last week's news, Gansu and Xinjiang are home to wind curtailment rates of  46% and 41%, respectively, compared to a national average of 19%. They are also home to the nations highest solar curtailment as well, at 32% for both provinces as of July 2016.

Wind: Goldwind to Supply 82-MW Pacific Hydro Wind Farm in Chile
China's Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology will supply turbines for a 82-MW wind project in Chile. Under the deal, the Chinese wind turbine maker will deliver 32 machines of 2.5 MW each for Pacific Hydro's first wind farm in Chile. (SEE)

Pacific Hydro was acquired by  China's State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) in January of 2016, and represents increasing activity by Chinese renewable firms in overseas markets. We expected renewable firms to continue looking overseas for potential markets as domestic wind projects deal with elevated curtailment rates. Recently released data from the NEA saw a 5% drop to 1,251 hours in average wind utilization hours for the first three quarters of 2016


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