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Azure International is a leading investment and advisory company focused on China's cleantech energy sector. Founded in 2003, we have a team of 20+ local and international professionals based in China with backgrounds in engineering, marketing, manufacturing, consulting, policy, government relations and finance. In addition to deep advisory capabilities in renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon management, and energy finance, we have proven capability to invest in and accelerate the development of clean energy companies.  Our portfolio and partner companies have achieved both significant commercial success and returns to investors. Azure provides the necessary expertise and execution capabilities in China to lead relationship development with government and strategic partners, project execution, sourcing, sales and technology development – all with deep understanding of Chinese and international requirements.

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Green Building: Shanghai Tower Tallest LEED-CS Certified Building in World

The Shanghai Tower, the second tallest tower in the world, 

announced that it achieved a Gold level LEED Core and Shell certification. The building has not yet been updated into the LEED Core and Shell database. The building has 128 floors, is 560 meters tall, and has a unique twisted-shape design to help reduce wind stress on the tower. (Top Energy CN)

Such visible projects are intended to showcase energy savings and green building technologies. 

Solar: Hebei Rooftop Solar Electricity Pricing Feed-in Tariff Rate Announced at 0.2 RMB/kWh
The Pricing Bureau of the Hebei Provincial government announced a 0.2 RMB/kWh (0.03 USD/kWh) subsidy for rooftop solar. Subsidies will run for three years. (Hebei Government CN)
The Hebei government is trying to encourage local adoption of rooftop solar with this modest subsidy. 

Offshore Wind: Putian Nanri 400MW  offshore wind farm is just approved by Fujian DRC on Nov 25, 2015.The project will feature 100 4MW turbine units, for a total investment of USD 1.3 billion.  (BJX CN
This is the largest single project approved to date, though long-term plans include further 600MW projects in Fujian and Guangdong. 
Environment: State Forestry Bureau Limits PV Construction on Forest Land
The State Forestry Bureau announced a limit on solar farm construction in nature reserves, forest parks, and other specially protected land areas. Additionally, the Forestry Bureau will have a formal review process of forest land approval. (Forestry Bureau CN)
As the renewable energy market matures in China, we expect to see the permitting and development landscape grow in complexity.
Policy: Underperforming “Bottom Line” Coal Power Plant Shutdown Announced for 2020
Premier Li Keqiang announced a plan to shut down under performing coal power plants by 2020. He stated that in the 13th five-year plan, the average coal power plant coal consumption rate should be at 300 grams/kWh. Premier Li believes there can be a 60% reduction in pollution from coal power. This standard mirrors a program in the 1990’s, where underperforming cement plants were shut down and replaced by larger, more efficient plants. (State Council CN)
The Chinese government is focused on controlling air pollution from thermal power plants. As such, the shutting down of under performing coal power plants presents an opportunity for the renewable energy industry to play a larger role in power supply. Overall however, least efficient plants have already been reduced in generation significance through generation rights trading, and the fact that the majority of coal generation capacity has been build within the last ten years.  

Africa: Power Construction Corporation of China signs 2.3 Billion RMB Thermal Power Plant Deal
The Power Construction Corporation of China signed the Hwange and Kariba Power station construction deal with Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Energy, accounting for a massive 70% increase in local power supply. The 2.3 billion RMB (355 million USD)  expansion will add 600MW of installed capacity. (China Power CN)
Chinese construction has an ever-expanding presence in Africa. The path toward international projects helps the Chinese economy, and brings China into competition with other international firms. 


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