• China Cleantech Update January 26, 2016

    News Summary: 

    • Azure to present keynote speech  at 2016 Winterwind International Wind Energy Conference 
    • NEA publishes total energy consumption for 2015
    • Three Gorges power station generates 900TWh from 2003 to present
    • Gamesa receives 98MW order
    • Hanergy adds thin-film solar to demonstration buildings in Jiangsu Province
    • Ministry of Finance introduces new restructuring fee for power grid companies

    Azure: Azure International to Deliver Keynote Presentation at Winterwind 2016
    Sebastian Meyer, Director of Research & Advisory at Azure will deliver a keynote presentation at Winterwind International Wind Energy Conference held in Aare, Sweden, on 9 February 2016. The presentation, entitled North Asia Driving the Cold Climate Wind Industry, will look at challenges and anecdotes from what has emerged as the world's largest concentration of wind turbines in northern latitudes. For more information, please visit the conference website.

  • China Cleantech Update July 17, 2018

    azure1News Summary: 

    • 3-Gorges group publishes its 2017 sustainability report
    • CATL Battery will investEuro240 millionto set up a battery production base in Germany andsecures a $4.7 billioncontract from BMW
    • MIIT publishesnew list of encouraged construction material technology and products
    • China leading wind gearbox manufacturer NGC to be acquired by Neoglory Prosperity Inc

    3-Gorges group publishes its 2017 sustainability report
    The report describes how 3-Gorges plans to create a large-scale development platform for new energy such as offshore wind power. The Group's target is to develop wind and solar energy as its second main busines after hydro, mainly focusing on large-scale development of offshore wind power.

    Three Gorges' Fujian Fuqing Xinghua Bay Phase I demonstration project is now in operation, featuring 14 wind turbines from 7 different manufacturers with unit capacity between 5 MW to 6.7 MW and a total installed capacity of 78.4 MW. The demonstration project has had positive press last week as the offshore turbines just withstood Maria typhoon without any damage.

    CATL Battery will invest Euro240 millionto set up a battery production base in Germany andsecures $4.7 billion contract from BMW
    Under the joint witness of the Chinese and German prime ministers, China CATL and the German state government of Thuringia signed an investment agreement in Berlin. According to the agreement, CATL will set up a battery production base and intelligent manufacturing technology research and development center in Erfurt, Thuringia. (Sohu)

    In 2017, CATL shipped 11.84 GWh of lithium-ion batteries, ranking first in the global market with a 17% market share.
    MIIT publishes new list of encouraged construction material technology and products
    The list published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology promotes the transformation and upgrade of the construction material industry,  as well as costs reduction, increase in efficiency and acceleration of the supply-side structural reform. The list also addresses the problem of overcapacity in the cement and glass industries. (MIIT)

    The listhas atotalof 48 items. An interesting one is the addition ofelectrochromic andthermochromicsmart windows as well as othershading systems, including specific performance requirements..
    China leading wind gearbox manufacturer NGC to be acquired by Neoglory Prosperity Inc
    Neoglory Prosperity Inc announced its intention to acquire NGC (Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd) for a total asset value above 2 billion USD. Neoglory Prosperity released a major asset purchase plan which described the intention to have its Five Season subsidiary acquire between 834 and 1,208 million shares of NGC (00658, HK), representing 51% to 74% of the company, for a price ranging between RMB 9.99 and RMB 11.25 per share.(SinaFinance)
    NGC isthe leading Chinese wind turbine gearbox manufacturer, supplying a large number of domestic and international wind turbine OEMs.Neoglory Prosperity Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Neoglory Prosperity ", stock code: 002147.sz), listed on the Shenzhen stock exchangesince April 2016, is a commercialand tourism real estate developper as well as a precision machinery manufacturingcompany.


  • China Cleantech Update March 09, 2016

    News Summary:

    • Azure Winterwind 2016 presentations now publicly available
    • China Sunergy at risk of Nasdaq delisting
    • Goldwind has record year with 7GW wind sold
    • State Council reviews new urbanization construction policy
    • Renewable energy generation target set for 9% by 2020
    • China Three Gorges Corporation announces 30MW wind project in Myanmar


    Azure Conference: Sebastian Meyer Delivers Keynote Speech at Winterwind 2016
    Sebastian Meyer, Azure’s Director of Research, delivered both a keynote and a panel speech at the Winterwind International Wind Energy Conference in Sweden on February 12th this year. Sebastian’s presentations are available for download here.
    Finance: China Sunergy Fails to Meet Nasdaq Continued Listing Standards
    China Sunergy (CSUN) announced its receipt of Nasdaq’s notice of failure to meet the Nasdaq continued listing standards. China Sunergy bid price has fallen below $1. If the price does not exceed $1 for 10 consecutive days in the next 180 days, it will be delisted permanently. (PR Newswire EN)
    China Sunergy stock is down 65% since March 2015, and has had a series of bad press, such as posting its 2014 Q2 results a yearlate


    China Sunergy HQ In Nanjing, Source: PV Magazine